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A bit about wood printing blocks

A bit about wood printing blocks

We love that block prints are perfectly imperfect. The hand printed nature offers slight variations that give a magical quality to a block printed item. It starts with a drawing that is traced on to a block of wood and then carefully hand carved. Once carved, the block is soaked in mustard oil for about a week before it is used for printing. The block is then dipped in dye and stamped onto fabric. The artist does not use any registration but rather makes a visual determination for the layout. The depth of color can vary based on how much pressure is applied to the block when printing. A one color design takes a full day to print 20 meters of fabric. The carving and printing techniques have been passed down through the generations, so the carvers and printers make this complicated process look effortless.

Our blocks are based on tropical motifs, reflecting our island lifestyle. Inspired by the flora and fauna of Hawaii, our prints have ranged from pineapples to banana leaves to monstera. Our latest print is plumeria, an iconic symbol of Hawaii. Recognized for its scent and beautiful traditional leis, it is considered a symbol of positivity in Hawaiian culture.

Our bedding is designed by owner, Amerjit Ghag, is all printed on a fine Indian cotton.

It starts with a sketch. This is the begining phase of our plumeria block.

Our design is carefully chiseled out of a slab of wood, preferably teak. Once the carving is complete then it is tested for print flow and print color. The design needs to flow from side to side and top to bottom otherwise the carving process starts all over.

From there we create styles for the new print. Plumeria becomes soft cotton bedding in the form of duvet covers, pillow cases, summer blankets, toss cushions and both fitted and flat sheets. Everything is sewn to the highest quality. This durable yet soft Indian cotton is machine washable and will continue to soften even more with each additional wash.

Check out our reel to see the process!